Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Data-Mining and Deep Web Asset Search Engine, DeHashed. Please read this page & our legal documents carefully. Any violation of our terms of service will result in immediate account closure without any compensation.

DeHashed has many measures in place to prevent the misuse of its engine. Here are a few:

  • DeHashed has a leaky bucket algorithm in place to prevent the scraping of our site for any purpose. This will prevent potential unwanted malicious users from using DeHashed to create "Combo Lists".

  • DeHashed does not log any users exact search. However, we do keep a log of how many searches each user makes. If a user is searching for more than a set amount of accounts that may not belong to them, our account managers automatically lock the account for a period of time. If the malicious user behavior continues, the user is indefinitely barred from using our paid features, while still allowed to use our free features such as our account monitoring service.

  • DeHashed does not advertise as a hack tool. We make an effort to comply with all legal requirements and privacy laws. If a user wishes for their information to be removed, they can use our automated entry removal tool located below results on the results page.

  • DeHashed does not advertise on any blackhat sites or any site that may unwantingly invite malicious users that risk abusing our search engine.

  • DeHashed does not focus on its userbase. We focus on on Business to Business (B2B) API sales.

  • Contrary to our name, we try to sway away from plaintext passwords as much as possible.

  • DeHashed is nothing like WeLeakinfo, LeakedSource, LeakBase, Snusbase, Indexeus, LeakHub, or Have I Been Pwned (HIBP). They are all illegal with the exception of HaveIBeenPwned, whilst Indexeus and Snus Base are somewhat of a gray area. Sites like We Leak Info, Leaked Source, Leak Base, and Leak Hub advertise as a hacktool and encourage black-hat activity.

  • DeHashed will not disclose its customers' information without consent, however we work with high profile breach analysis and prevention companies.

  • DeHashed contributes a fair amount of effort to make users aware of breaches that affect them, we even provide data to fellow breach analytic services that have a better customer outreach than ours.

  • DeHashed works with/for law enforcement agencies globally.

  • DeHashed is a true search engine. Our data is indexed properly so search results are fast. This takes time, our indexer is currently very slow.

  • DeHashed has data from all corners of the internet, it's not just a hacked database search engine, but also a people search (This means a lot of whitepage databases).

  • DeHashed has a Breach Directory page, there you can find a list detailing most breaches existing in our search function.

  • DeHashed removes data in its discretion, some data when deemed too sensitive for the public is made accessible only to those with Law Enforcement status.

  • You can gain LE status should you fall into one of the following categories:

    • Law Enforcement (LE)

    • Government Organization

    • Non-governmental organization (NGO)

    • LE Affiliated Organization

    • NGO Affiliated Organization

    DeHashed is a true search engine. We offer True wildcard,Regex searches, and a basic search which includes search operators.

    We are simply faster, and have more records than any other site. That being said, we are also legal. We aren't going anywhere.

    DeHashed provides live support should you run into any issues.

    We are not overpriced and do not charge for most services. Security should be free, people should not have to pay to feel safe on the internet. That is mafia-like, and we do not support that kind of thought process.

    Give our usage guide a read. Try disabling wildcard, and using search operators.

    We take both site & user security very seriously.

    • Our number one priority has been and will always be user security. For this reason, we do not log unnecessary information. The only things we log are: your registration email, your registration password, your registration date, and how many records you access.

    • DeHashed does not log which records you access, only the number of records.

    • DeHashed will only email our users when deemed neccessary.

    • Under certain circumstances, should you wish to gain higher levels of access to DeHashed (aka Elevated status) - DeHashed will require you to fill a KYC form. In this case, and only in this case - will DeHashed store your Name, Phone, Address, and Organization details.

    DeHashed uses state of the art security technology. This means nothing is communicated unless it is encrypted.

    You can purchase a subscription by clicking purchase under the pricing page.

    No. At DeHashed we strongly disapprove of this business practice. You only pay for what you need, when you need it. There are no hidden fees, surcharges, or recurring charges. What you see is what you pay, and what you pay is what you get.

    You can delete your data by clicking "Request Entry Removal" below results and following on-screen instructions.

    You can close your account by visiting your profile page and clicking the close account button.