Features and innovations

A few of the reasons DeHashed is quickly becoming a "must have" component of enterprise security:
Helps Prevent Account Compromise

Monitor hacker activity in real time to prevent account takeover attacks using compromised credentials.

Aids in Identity Fraud Investigations

Leverage DeHashed® cyber intelligence dataset to identify possible identity fraud.


We are not overpriced and do not charge for most services. Security should be free, people should not have to pay to feel safe on the internet.

Private Datasets

DeHashed is constantly obtaining new and private datasets that other services simply do not have. We are always the first to respond.


Join the 1000's of law enforcement agencies and fortune 500 companies around the world utilizing DeHashed for their day-to-day investigations, and protection needs.

Powerful Integrations

Query the DeHashed® dataset programmatically for use in your own applications with our feature rich, fast, and powerful API. On average, our queries take 80µs (With HTML generation) —︎ whilst our API takes only 25µs.